Forex News: Gold Price June 17 2017 (42)

When And Why Do Gold Prices Plummet?

The Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund invests primarily in stocks included in the precious metals and mining industries. It can also refer to the price of the last transaction in a day trading session. They too are close to throwing in the towel and start buying physical gold and silver. Much of the supply of gold in the market since the 1990s has come from sales of gold bullion from the vaults of global central banks This selling by global central banks slowed greatly in 2008.

Fitch expects U.S. oil company default rates to pick up in 2017 despite stable oil prices. There is often a question: how is the duty calculated on gold ie, at what price is the gold. If the open price is higher than the close price, the rectangle between the open and close price is shaded.

Gold and silver only have value because ancient governments demanded them for the payment of taxes, which created demand for them among average people. The approximate 5-fold increase of assets under management owned by the index from $1 billion in early 2016 to $5.4 billion highlights how easily gold stocks can increase when new money flows into the space.

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