BitCoin CFD Trading

A couple of years ago, one Bitcoin was worth a little over a hundred dollars. Now, it broke the $18,000 barrier and is growing like a weed.
A CFD is a contract between two parties that speculate on the price movement of an underlying asset – in this case, Bitcoin. These investment derivatives allow you to trade on Bitcoin without having to actually purchase it.
A correct prediction is when you correctly predict which way the price of Bitcoin will move. It must move in a specific direction. All other possible outcomes, including when the price does not change, is considered a loss.
Before deciding to trade on BTC, you will need to understand each market. Usually, the bigger the market, the greater liquidity, depth, and stability. That is definitely true in the case of the Bitcoin market. The relatively small market causes a high level of volatility in Bitcoins prices.
you can open an account today and start trading Bitcoin CFDs, Take advantage of a leverage of 1: 5,

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Forex News: Gold Price June 17 2017 (42)

When And Why Do Gold Prices Plummet?

The Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund invests primarily in stocks included in the precious metals and mining industries. It can also refer to the price of the last transaction in a day trading session. They too are close to throwing in the towel and start buying physical gold and silver. Much of the supply of gold in the market since the 1990s has come from sales of gold bullion from the vaults of global central banks This selling by global central banks slowed greatly in 2008.

Fitch expects U.S. oil company default rates to pick up in 2017 despite stable oil prices. There is often a question: how is the duty calculated on gold ie, at what price is the gold. If the open price is higher than the close price, the rectangle between the open and close price is shaded.

Gold and silver only have value because ancient governments demanded them for the payment of taxes, which created demand for them among average people. The approximate 5-fold increase of assets under management owned by the index from $1 billion in early 2016 to $5.4 billion highlights how easily gold stocks can increase when new money flows into the space.

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Forex News: Us Dollar 16 June 2017 (53)

Dollar Zu Eurozone Kurs

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Soon, all coins of a similar size and weight were known as dalers, such as the most popular coin of the time for international trade: a Dutch coin with a lion on it. This Dutch coin became known as the leeuwendaler, which translates as ‘lion dollar’. The leeuwendaler was very popular across the Dutch East Indies and in the Dutch colony of New Netherlands (now New York), soon spreading to the Thirteen Colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries, where the name caught on in English as the ‘lion dollar’. In fact, the modern day pronunciation of the word ‘dollar’ is actually still very close to the 17th century Dutch pronunciation of ‘daler’!

From the 18th century, the pound and dollar fluctuated between using a fixed Gold Standard and using a free market, with £1 buying around $4.70. By 1937, every country in the world had abandoned the idea of the Gold Standard and the $/£ rate hovered around $5 dollars to the pound. With the outbreak of WWII, the dollar dropped significantly against the pound and the British government decided to officially peg the dollar against the pound at a rate of $4.03.

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Forex News: US Dollar June 15 2017 (17)

Wave Analysis

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve hiked rates and laid out its plan to unwind its $4.5 trillion balance sheet. The U.S. dollar rose against its Japanese rival on Wednesday, erasing an early decline after an industry group said that crude supplies fell by nearly six million barrels last week.

Bottom line: The win from pro-Europe Macron is positive for the common currency and therefore negative for the US dollar. The short-term weakness in the US$ also provides some minor inflationary pressure.

US dollar news for 15/05/2017

The Bank of England (BoE) has highlighted stubbornly low wage growth since the 2008 financial crisis as one reason for keeping UK interest rates low.Related link:

20 – Understanding cfd trading

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